Product Description

PSP26: 1858 (June) 23rd Welch Fusiliers Young British Officer Salt Print By Antoine Claudet Tinted / Painted By Well Known Victorian Painter Edmund Thomas Parris – This superb tinted salt print comes from the famous military collection of Llewellyn Lord. The subject is a commissioned ensign in the 23rd Welch Fusiliers regiment wearing his 1856 pattern tunic and holding his 1855 pattern shako. The salt print was taken by Antoine Claudet but his work in this format is rare indeed with only 1 other work known (also in identical mount and presentation). Another attractive and unusual aspect of this piece is that it was painted by a master artist in oil rather than the standard water colour touch up by the backroom photo staff. The result is a master work with the feel of a oil painting touched with hints of realism from the live photo exposure. The large work (17 x 14 cm) is contained within a plaster and wood gilt frame (some missing fret work to the bottom of the inner frame) and in turn contained in a rosewood and velvet lined outer frame. The reverse is inscribed ‘Photograph’d by A. Claudet, Painted by E.T. Parris 6/58’. The responsible artist was well known in Victorian circles and whose works today can command prices in the tens of thousands. Artist Bio: Edmund Thomas Parris (3 June 1793 – 27 November 1873) was an English history, portrait, subject, and panorama painter, book illustrator, designer and art restorer. He was appointed history painter to Queen Adelaide, Queen Consort of William IV, and painted Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1838 and the Duke of Wellington’s funeral in 1852. He supervised the painting of the huge panorama in the London Colosseum in Regent’s Park, London, and was the inventor of “Parris’s medium”.