Product Description

PD303-02995: 1853c Museum Quality 4th Plt Tinted Daguerreotype of Captain John Nicholson (1827-1854 Killed At The Battle of Inkerman Early In The Crimean War) of the 77th East Sussex Reg Dag By Oliver Sarony 

A superb and important identified military daguerreotype with truly outstanding tinting!

Provenance: originally sold by his family with his uniform at the Wallis & Wallis Auction, December 1983

With A Christofle Plate Stamp: His regiment can be identified by examining his shoulder plate. The number 77 was highlighted on it by the daguerreian colourist (likely Sarony’s tint artist Edward Lancaster). The plate itself is made of gilt brass with a high silver relief emblem showing a wreath with central double digit numbers (77) with the Prince of Wales plume or crown top centre (all consistent with the 77th’s known shoulder plate of the period). Further evidence identifying the 77th East Middlesex Regiment of Foot are the tinted yellow facings on the cuffs (the known regimental colour for the 77th). The shoulder wings and method of tying his sash signify that he was a member of the light company.

John Nicholson Bio: John Nicholson, born in 1827, was the son of John Nicholson of Lincolnshire, England. In an 1847 army list John Nicholson is registered as an ensign in the 3rd West India Regiment. Nicholson became a Lieutenant in 1848 and served in Demerara, now British Guiana. In November of 1849 he became a captain in the 77th Regiment of Foot while serving in Gambia, West Africa. Nicholson returned to England in 1850. On 9 February 1853 he married Hannah Catherine Lindley (b. 1831) of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. On 9 April 1854 Hannah Catherine Nicholson gave birth to a daughter. Seven months later Captain John Nicholson was killed in the Crimean War at the Battle of Inkermann on 5 November 1854.

Captain John Nicholson – killed at Inkermann – 5th November 1854 Aged 27. Son of John Nicholson, of Brigg, Lincolnshire. Second Brigade, Light Division cemetery – “Sacred to the memory of Captain Nicholson 77th Regiment who was killed whilst gallantly leading on his company in a charge at the battle of Inkermann 5th November 1854.“ Memorial at St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Mansfield – “Captain John Nicholson. Killed at the Battle of Inkerman on the 5th of November 1854 aged 27 years.”