Product Description

PD193: 1853c Tinted Man In Passé and Frame By James or John Beattie – Near Half Plate – Singularly Rare (To my Knowledge -No known Daguerreotypes Exist of Either Artist) – Daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman from the 1850’s. A large size, the plate measuring 12.5 x 10cm. Very nice maple veneered frame in excellent condition. The passé bears the name Beattie on the bottom right. with the photographer’s name, Beattie. It is not certain if this is by James (mainly Yorkshire based) or John (mainly Bristol based) Beattie. As John did not start until the mid to late 50’s this suggests that James is a more likely contender. An identical passé (but with Sarony in gold letters stead of Beattie) on the other hand, was used by Sarony who had links to John Beattie while in Norwich during 1857 (this plate feels a little earlier but could be late enough). The aperture of the maple frame measures 20cm x 16.5cm. Condition wise, some of the sky has light discoloration and there is a small dent to the right of the man’s head. An unusual Daguerreotype of good size and a very nice package all round. Passe resealed with P90 archival tape.