Product Description

PD233: 1852c Powerful Young Man 6th Plate Daguerreotype By Emilian Fehrenbach 111 Strand London – This is a nice uncommon daguerreotype by Fahrenbach. There are proportionately fewer images of his known than all the other major British daguerreians (Claudet, Beard, Mayall, Kilburn, etc). Condition wise, the plate is in nice shape bar a little spotting on the gentleman’s coat. The plate was soaked in distilled water and archivally resealed with P90 tape and its original cleaned glass. The case is in superb condition with a repaired leather hinge. Bio: Emilian Fehrenbach was born in Baden Furtwanger, Germany in 1818. He died while in his own studio at 111 Strand in 1867. He first became a photographer in 1842 according to his advertising but was first recorded in the UK at 374 Strand in 1850/51. Towards the end of the year, he switched his studio to 111 Stand in 1851. He stayed there until his death at which point the business was taken over by his son I. Fehrenbach (until 1872). At his height, Emilian operated 2 studios with No 5 Wellington Street (Woolwich) also operating along side of Strand in 1858/59.