Product Description

PD245B: 1847-50c 6th Plate Canadian Daguerreotype Young British Man Bathed in Rembrandt Style Lighting With Inkwell in Extremely Rare English Rose, Irish Shamrock and Scottish Thistle Case by Seldom Seen British/Canadian Daguerreian Thomas Coffin Doane of Montreal – In my 20 years or so as a collector, I have only seen this super rare case on a couple of other occasions. Doane was the student of William Valentine and became his business partner in 1843 at the Golden Lion Inn in St John’s Newfoundland. Doane moved to Halifax on his own in 1847 and stayed open until 1866. It is unclear if this image was taken during his time in the UK or following his move to Canada. Plate resealed with P90 archival tape. Case in excellent condition with repaired hinges.