Product Description

PD114: 1850’s Quarter Plate Scots Fusilier Guards Band Military Daguerreotype – Military bandsman from the 7th Company (2nd Regiment) holding a clarinet and displaying his holstered dragon-headed pistol sword (fairly rare thing I am led to believe).

The military uniform is consistent with that of the Scots Fusilier Guards during the period and the 7th company’s No 7 can be seen on the soldier’s collar. Rather than being a sergeant, I believe the 3 stripes on his lower arm were given to him for at least 12 years continuous good conduct (good conduct badges). I originally believed this to be the uniform of the Coldstream Guards but a kind viewer (thank Andy) corrected me to Scots as the man in our dag has 3 buttons (Coldstream had clusters of two).

The quarter plate daguerreotype sits in an unidentified case but the style of this plate is reminiscent of Kilburn. There are some light wisps on the plate but at first I was unsure if they were from general haphazard heavy buffing (as they have little adverse effect on the image).