1846 Unique Daguerreotype Sitter ID’d by Asa White Boston With Hawes Southworth Hallmark

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  • Asa White Boston Daguerreotype

1846 Unique Daguerreotype Sitter ID’d by Asa White Boston With Hawes Southworth Hallmark


Dated Daguerreotype by Asa White Boston With Southworth & Hawes hallmark

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PD78: 1846 (Dated June 19th) 6th Plate Unique Daguerreotype ID’d Ronald Himson by Rare Asa White of 20 Washington Street Boston Leaf Maker’s Stamp with Rare Frosted ‘H.S’ Stamp – Bizarre But Attractive Rainbow Hue and Rare Case Presentation:

This is a superb piece but a real enigma! Everything about it is unusual to unique from the hue to the hallmark to the case, the maker and the plate stamp. On the back of the plate is written Ronald Himson 19 June 1846. It is also double singed (Ronald Himson 1846) on the front of the plate to the far right margin. The portrait was taken via an apparatus with large plate holders given the large margins (not a copy plate but is from life). The plate has some obvious condition rubs but the whole package is just so interesting and unusual it does not take away from the image. The strong pastel hues on the plate are simply amazing and intriguing in equal measures – I have never seen anything like it before. The Asa White leaf maker’s mat stamp is sought after and impressive too. According to Craig’s Registry, Asa was a relatively short lived daguerreian artist and only really operated fully from 1843-1846 which partly explains the rare nature of his plates. In 1846, he opened a lead pipe business at 10 at Market Square and started to advertise that he was having a daguerreotype business ‘removal sale’. He still was listed as a daguerreian operator however at 36 Washington Sq until 1850 (part time while still running his lead pipe business) at which point he left the field for the final time to become a soda manufacturer. The very unusual case with patterned light bright green silk pad is also a known Asa White trademark. I have only seen it on about 4 other occasions in 25 years of collecting and 3 of the 4 all contained dags with the Asa White leaf mats. The other of the 4 cases (incidentally in my collection: catalogue number PD448) is likely an early piece by White in 1843 as he started out before utilizing the ID’d leaf mat (early attempt with a makeshift sheet backdrop). The hallmark is another rare and sought after feature. The visible stamp shows the right part clearly legible with an ‘S’ inside a dotted rectangle. The left is fairly illegible but would show an ‘H’. This then is the ‘H.S’ hallmark (which is also one of the few which utilizes the dotted rectangle) which was only used for a few short years in Boston from 1843-47 and is strongly suspected to be a Hawes and Southworth manufactured plate. As Asa also operated out of Boston, it is highly likely that he was purchasing plates directly from S&H adding more credence that this H.S stamp comes from them. Overall, a rare and historically interesting image that has so much going for it.

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