1844c New York Vested Man By Edward Anthony Daguerreotype Qtr Plt Plaster Mat

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1844c New York Vested Man By Edward Anthony Daguerreotype Qtr Plt Plaster Mat


New York Edward Anthony Daguerreotype Plaster Mat

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PD26: 1844c New York Vested Man By Edward Anthony Quarter Plate Plaster Mat Plumbe Urn Case:

Portrait of handsome gent with delicate pink tinted cheeks, a very detailed vest. This exquisite 1/4 plate daguerreotype is a hyper-real Rembrandt style jewel and is in excellent condition. There is one very thin line above his head and a small mat abrasion at the bottom periphery. The dag sits behind a gilt plaster over paper mat, characteristically belonging to early Edward Anthony of New York City. Whole Plumbe style case in excellent condition with repaired hinge. Rare ABANTI.A.P Hallmark.

Edward Anthony Bio By Craig’s Registry:

1819-1888) A daguerreian and founder of the leading photographic manufacturing and marketing firm in the 19th century, he was graduated from Columbia University in 1838, trained as a civil engineer. Circa 1840 he was noted to be one of Samuel F.B. Morse’s early students in daguerreotyping. The principal reference book on the life of Anthony and his company is Anthony: the Man the Company the Cameras, by William and Estelle Marder (Amesbury, Mass.: 1982). In 1842, he was listed as a daguerreian at 11 Park Row, New York City, and lived at 456 Houston St. The business location had just been occupied by the Shew Brothers (William, Myron, Turman, and Jacob). In 1842-1843, Anthony was listed as a civil engineer, with no business address. It was apparently also in 1842 that Anthony, along with Jonas Edwards, opened a gallery in Washington, D.C., under the name of Anthony, Edwards & Co. Victor Piard was hired as an operator. In 1843-1844, he was listed as an “artist” (daguerreian), at 247 Broadway; he lived at the same address. During this year, Anthony was also listed in business as Anthony, Edwards and Chilton at the “National Miniature Gallery” at 247 Broadway. The firm included Jonas M. Edwards and Howard Chilton. In 1844 Anthony continued to be listed as a daguerreian at the “National Miniature Gallery”. That year the firm included Anthony, Edwards and J.R. Clark. They advertised daguerreotypes taken, apparatus sold, and noted they had an exhibit of daguerreotypes of prominent Americans. The firm was also known as Anthony, Edwards and Co., and the partnership directory indicated that an Isaac R. Clark was involved. Another directory that year continued to list the firm as Anthony, Edwards and Chilton. In 1845-1846, Anthony was listed in one directory as Anthony, Edwards & Co., at the 247 Broadway address. Alternately in 1845 he was listed in business as Edward Anthony & Co., daguerreian gallery, 247 Broadway. He was also alternately listed as an artist at the same address. In 1846-1847, one directory listed the firm of Anthony, Clark & Co., daguerreotypists, at 247 Broadway. The firm was not listed in the subsequent directory. One source noted that Anthony retired from active daguerreotyping in 1847. In 1848, Anthony was listed as an importer of engravings at 205 Broadway. From 1849 to 1851 he was listed as “daguerreian materials and apparatus” at 205 Broadway. He was listed similarly from 1851 to 1853, and added 207 Broadway to his address. On February 2, 1852, the “National Daguerreian Miniature Gallery” burned; it was reported there was not another collection like it in the world. In 1853-1854 he was listed as “daguerreotypes” at 308 Broadway, and lived at 38 W. 24th St. An alternate directory listed him as “daguerreian apparatus” at the New Haven Railroad Depot Building, Elm Street corner of Franklin Street. Still another directory listed him simply as an importer at the 308 Broadway address. The following year, he was listed as a daguerreian importer at 308 Broadway; and lived at 38 W. 24th St. In 1855-1856, he was listed as daguerreian materials, 308 Broadway, with his residence in Carmansville. From 1855 to 1860, Henry T. Anthony was also listed with the firm. The listing at 308 Broadway continued through 1860. In 1859, special partners in the firm were listed as Richard Amerman and Ralph Wells.

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