1842c Two Early Daguerreotypes Of The Same Scientific Boston Man Years Apart

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1842c Two Early Daguerreotypes Of The Same Scientific Boston Man Years Apart


Early Boston Daguerreotypes by Hale Same Man Years Apart

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PD135: 1842c Two 6th Plt Occupational Daguerreotypes Of A Scientific Boston Man In Specs Holding An Optical Instrument in Honeycomb Mat & LBB & Co Hallmark and The Same Man on another 6th Plate (By Hale of Boston) from some years later c1850 showing the ravages of time!

Offered is a rare opportunity to see the same man from two different periods of his life. The first one is early and shows him as a confident optimistic young man. The second taken about 8-10 years later shows him not only recycling his cloths (same coat) but now depicts a man worn down by life and looking a little forlorn. The earlier and more valuable image is in great shape with no real problems. The later image with a mat stamped Hale (either Edward Everett Hale or his brother Luther Holman Hale) has some minor wisps.

Hale Bio From Craig’s Daguerreian Registry:

Luther Holman Hale: “Listed as a daguerreotype artist in Boston, Mass., 1845-1860. Born September 21, 1823 in Milbury, Mass., he was reportedly in business with his brother (C.E.) as a daguerreian on Milk Street in Boston, left the firm, and then returned. In 1845 and 1846 he was listed at 109 Washington Street. From 1846 to 1850 he was listed at the same address as L.H. Hale & Co., with Benjamin French. The firm also advertised daguerreian materials. He was listed alone at the address from 1850 to 1857. In 1858 and 1859 he was listed as L.H. Hale & Co., with G.A. Ayling. He was listed alone again in 1860. He was brother to C.E. Hale, and the pair reportedly taught the daguerreian process to photographers such as J.W. Black and Henry Rulofson in the 1840’s. Hale was listed in Boston until 1862.”

Edward Everett Hale: “Amateur daguerreian, Boston, Mass., 1840. With his cousin Frank Durivage, he made his own daguerreian cameras, and took amateur images in 1840. In early 1840 he took an image of South Congregational Church, Boston. He may later have rubbed this image clean in order to reuse the plate. He may have purchased a camera in 1840 from Gouraud, Daguerre’s assistant.”

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