Product Description

1842c PD246 Handsome Young Man Early American 6th Plate Daguerreotype Rare Case and Presentation (Red Liner and Olive Green Pad):

Rare and early American daguerreotype of a handsome young man with long hair. He sits in front of a curtain which may indicate that the dag was taken by an early itinerant daguerreian. The plate is heavy and displays the bluish grey hue of early images. The oval brass “fingerprint” mat is also extremely uncommon. The black-green case also has all he hallmarks of being early and has more or less a plain back and front bar peripheral lines and corner motif. Condition wise, the plate has heavy buffs marks (so heavy that some may confuse them for scratches), has some peripheral whitish tarnish and a couple small spots on his necktie. The plate was soaked in distilled water, the original glass cleaned and reused and the package archival resealed with Filmoplast P90.