Product Description

1842c PD280A 9th Plate Early English Daguerreotype of Jovial Side Profile Man by Beard With Wharton Brass Tray:

Lovely early English daguerreotype by one of Richard Beard’s studios or one of his licensees. The early date of 1842 is confirmed by the heavy gold tint on the plate brought about by the heavy use of Gold Chloride which was overzealously applied within the first few months of its application (operators quickly reduced the amounts used in late 1842/43 as it was costly and produced a less favourable outcome than moderate use). In superb oval condition resting in it whole and intact flip-top case. As well as the sought after Thomas Wharton brass pinchback and the heavy gold chloride, this dag also features a very rare version of Beard’s flip-top case with tooled motifs in the corners connected by intersecting line. There are only a handful of these cases known.