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Silver Shadows is headed by Jason Wright, a long time collector, conservator and researcher of fine 19th century photography from the USA, United Kingdom and Europe. Our daguerreotype conservation services utilise the latest restoration techniques. Silver Shadows is a member of the Daguerreian Society.

Some Further Background:

This image was produced and editied by Eric Mertens of SweatNapper.com/TheDagLab.com.

This image was produced and edited by Eric Mertens of SweatNapper.com/TheDagLab.com.

Jason Wright BSc (Hons); MA – That’s me sitting for my first daguerreotype by Eric Mertens (Oakland, California) in 2007.

I have been a senior marketing professional and more lately a CEO of a software company but a full on collector most of my life. I was born in the US and grew up in Palo Alto, California. I initially started collecting sports memorabilia before embarking on a search for the earliest baseball photographs possible which took me back through cards, cabinets, tintypes, ambrotypes and finally the earliest form of photography – daguerreotypes.

From early on, I started to specialize in primordial American daguerreotypes from 1839-1844. I moved across to England and met my wife and it was here I stayed. I soon started to take a liking to early English daguerreians like Richard Beard, Antoine Claudet, Jabez Mayall and Kilburn to name a few.  I particularly like the marketing aspects to Beard’s licensee business (all his packaging variations) and the sublime tinting perfected by England’s finest artists.

I now love what I do and enjoy uncovering, researching and restoring 19th century images. I am not a hoarder of information and love sharing research on early photography – I welcome questions and/or feedback.